12 Volt 120 Amp GRUNT Workshop Battery Charger

  • OC-W12120P


GRUNT 120AMP Industrial / Workshop Battery Charger

The Oz Charge OC-W12120P is a high-quality microprocessor controlled battery charger and maintainer for workshop and service applications. It also contains a power supply mode for when the battery is removed from the vehicle. Perfect for preventing voltage drop while programming and updating vehicles ECU’s. Includes extra long and heavy duty 3 metre output leads.


Power Supply Mode 

The GRUNT workshop charger is designed for professional use. The GRUNT features a power supply mode where the charger delivers a continuous 100 AMPs. This allows the battery to be removed during maintenance. . The 100AMP (cont) is perfect for preventing voltage drop during ECU testing and reprogramming when heavy loads are placed on the battery. 





    • 120AMP 12V Battery Charger
    • 100AMP (cont) Power Supply Mode
    • Multi-Stage Smart Charging
    • Selectable Battery Types
    • Fully Microprocessor Controlled
    • 3 Metre Heavy Duty Cable and Clamps
    • Manufactured in Sweden
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Lifetime Customer Support

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