The Rescue Mate RM1000 is here

The Rescue Mate RM1000 is here


Is my phone charged? Is my laptop charged? Is my camera charged?

In a world of gadgets our reliance on such technology often leaves us bombarded with a mental list of items that need to be recharged constantly. Unfortunately, no one is perfect and often some gadgets are forgotten about rendering them near useless. A phone with no charge will make no calls, a camera with no battery will capture no memories and a neglected lithium jump-starter is as useful as a brick under your bonnet.   

What if you didn’t have to charge your gadgets? We've made this concept a reality with our battery-less jump starter range; the Rescue Mate. Whether you’re a workshop, off-road warrior or just a daily driver the Rescue Mate is your battery’s insurance policy ensuring you’re never left stranded.

 No batteries, no recharging, no worries mate.

Utilising innovative super-capacitor technology the Rescue Mate requires no charging. Instead, by incorporating super-capacitors the Rescue Mate trickle charges itself off the flat battery in the vehicle. A crazy concept but it works by utilising the small remaining capacity in the flat battery. Connect the positive and negative clamps to the vehicle’s battery terminals and in 90 seconds of trickle charging you’re ready to turn the key.

The 1000AMP Rescue Mate is a welcome addition to the OzCharge Rescue Mate range now catering for the diesel market starting diesel engines up to 5 litres and petrol engines up to 10 litres. For smaller petrol engines the Rescue Mate 500 AMP models is also available; starting petrol engines up to 5 litres.

Jump start smarter with the OzCharge Rescue Mate.

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