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Lithium batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be confusing to say the least understanding all the different types.
Battery chargers can be confusing and we're here to show you how to pick the correct charger for the job in 3 simple steps.
When we were approached by the Amarok Club of Victoria to help sponsor their ride to cure MS we knew straight away that they had BIG plans. Well th...
New Year, New product! The ultimate swiss-army knife for your vehicle. Jump Starter, PowerBank & Flashlight. The Start Mate Lithium Jump Starte...
The OzCharge Rescue Mate range has been voted by over 160,000 attendees as the 'Best New Safety Product of 2018' at the recent SEMA & AAPEX show held in Las Vegas. 
What if you didn’t have to charge your gadgets? We've made this concept a reality with our battery-less jump starter range; the Rescue Mate. Whether you’re a workshop, off-road warrior or just a daily driver the Rescue Mate is your battery’s insurance policy ensuring you’re never left stranded.

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