OzCharge Battery Type Selection Guide

Ensuring you select the right battery type option to suit your battery is very important to ensure your battery gets charged correctly.


GEL Battery Type Selection (Suitable for Gel type batteries)

Gel Setting

GEL Batteries are a type of Deep Cycle SLA/VRLA Battery which utilise gel electrolyte technology. These types of batteries generally have a longer cycle life and are most commonly used in mobility scooters, wheel chairs and golf carts.


AGM/WET Battery Type Selection (Suitable for AGM, WET, Flooded and EFB type batteries)

AGM/WET Setting

AGM Batteries are a type of Deep Cycle SLA/VRLA Battery with an Absorbed Glass Mat construction. These types of batteries are most commonly used in Caravan and RV applications, boat and power sports. You’ll also see some new motor vehicles now fitted with AGM type batteries.

WET/Flooded Batteries are what you typically see in older automotive applications. The Wet cells can be serviceable and contain removable caps to check and top up the electrolyte levels.

EFB Enhanced Flooded batteries used in start stop vehicles and are designed for heavy duty cyclic applications.


Calcium Battery Type Selection (Suitable for Calcium SMF type batteries)

Calcium Setting

Calcium Batteries, also known as Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries contain Calcium Plates which help improve both the product and shelf life. These are common in later model vehicles and generally contain a built in Hydrometer with a glass eye indicator which tells you whether the battery is full, requires charging or replacement.

You must only use the Calcium Battery setting on Calcium batteries as this setting contains a higher charge voltage. If you use this setting on other battery types, you risk damaging your battery.


We always recommend you check your battery manufacturers specifications if you are unsure of your battery type.

For Lithium type batteries please check out or new Lithium Pro Series Range.

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