12V 12A Battery Charger and Maintainer

  • OC-1212U

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The OzCharge OC-1212U Battery Charger and Maintainer (Trickle Charger) is designed for lead-acid type batteries (AGM, Calcium SMF, Gel & Wet) from 3Ah to 240Ah. The charger can also be used to maintain batteries up to 360Ah.

The OC-1212U battery charger and maintainer utilises state of the art patented 9 stage technology for safe and efficient charging of a wide range of batteries. The OC-1212U is designed for charging and maintaining Car, Boat, RV, SUV, and Diesel Truck batteries as well as smaller batteries including motorbikes, jet skis, ATVs and garden equipment. The charger is fully automatic allowing the charger to be left on 24/7 with confidence and ensuring that your batteries will perform better and last longer 

Selectable Ouput - 12A, 8A, 1A

The OC-1212U features a selectable output allowing you to choose whether to output at: 12A, 8A or 1A. This makes the OC-1212U an extremely versatile charger and suitable for a very wide range of batteries.

Selecting the correct charge rate setting for your battery

When using the OC-1212U it is important to select the correct charge rate for the battery you are charging. A common mistake many people make is to select the highest charge rate setting, not realising it may damage the internal components, reducing the battery life. The recommended charging Amps for a flooded lead acid battery is roughly 10% of its Ah rating. For an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) or Gel battery this can be increase to 20% of its Ah rating.

If you are unsure of the Ah rating of your battery please check the specifications on the battery or contact your battery's manufacturer

The 1A - maintenance mode - will charge a range of lead acid batteries between 3 and 20Ah and will maintain batteries up to 100Ah.

The 8A - silent charge mode - will charge a range of lead acid batteries between 24 and 160Ah and will maintain batteries up to 240Ah. This charge rate is ideal in use for motorcycles, powersports and lawn & garden applications.

The 12A - rapid charge mode - will charge a range of lead acid batteries between 36 and 240Ah and will maintain batteries up to 360Ah. During this mode, the internal fan may engage from time to time if the charger gets hot. 



  • Fully automatic 9 stage charging
  • Charges 12V batteries from 3Ah-240Ah
  • Maintenance (trickle) charging up to 360Ah for longer life batteries
  • Patented desulphation and battery reconditioning function
  • Includes both ring terminal and crocodile connections
  • Battery World Exclusive 5 year warranty
  • Life time support

  • Features OC-1212U 12V 12Volt Battery Charger Output Leads

    Replacement / Optional Harnesses.

    Crocodile Clip harness - 60cm - Model: OC-CC10-21
    Ring Terminal harness 8mm (-) / 10mm (+) Terminals- 60cm - Model: OC-RT10-21


    Battery Charging vs. Battery Maintenance

    What's the difference between the two and which battery charger suit your requirements best? Firstly you need to determine whether you need to recharge a flat battery entirely or just keep a battery at full charge.

    Battery charging is when you are requiring to recharge a flat or dead battery to full. Battery maintenance on the other hand is when you just want to keep a battery topped up. For instance, if you're storing a classic car that you only drive a few times a month but want to ensure it's ready to go on a sunny afternoon you would require battery maintenance as opposed to battery charging. This is often referred to as trickle charging a battery. All OzCharge battery chargers perform both functions, and understanding each charger's limits is important.  

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