12V 18Ah AGM Deep-Cycle Battery
12V 18Ah AGM Deep-Cycle Battery

12V 18Ah AGM Deep-Cycle Battery

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  • OCB-18-12
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Product Description

A significant number of AGM batteries sold today are nothing more than a conventional standby/backup batter with the words “Deep Cycle” or “DC” slapped on. After years of R&D we are proud to announce the availability of our own OzCharge® range of AGM batteries, made with a dedicated cyclic plate design that keeps working long after others are on the scrap heap. Make sure your next battery is an OzCharge® AGM for the highest service life, reliability and peace of mind while you travel.

Model No.: OCB-18-12
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Rated Capacity: 17.4Ah (C20)
Cyclic Voltage: 14.1 - 14.4V (25°C)
Float Voltage: 13.6 - 13.8V (25°C)
Terminal: M5
Weight: 5.5kg 
Dimensions: L181 x W76 x H167mm

You can EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR BATTERY by using a compatible Oz Charge® Battery Charger & Maintainer.

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.

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